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Basic Lighting

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How much do you know about basic portrait lighting? This simple (and free) quiz will test your knowledge of the terminology and techniques used to shoot professional portraits in the studio and on location.

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Welcome My Photo Lesson Dot Com (MPL)!

Model photographed with long lens in an urban setting.

Fashion example from the Location Photography Class

This site is dedicated to help the advanced amateur and professional photographer improve and expand their photographic skills. I am Thomas Moore, a professional photographer for over 30 years, a graduate of the Art Center College of Design, and former 20 year faculty member of The Art Institute of Colorado.

It is my sincere hope through this website that I can share some of the knowledge I have accumulated in the past three decades with up incoming photographers who also wish also to master their craft. I also fully understand that not everyone can spend the tens of thousands of dollar to attend a professional college like the one I attended, or the one I taught at for over 20 years.  So it is my sincere hope that this site can bridge that education gap between the self taught and those who can afford a formal photographic education.

In an effort to support future development and ultimate expansion of this site and its contents and guest contributors, we are asking those who wish to participate contribute a non-refundable fee for access to the entire site or the specific portion of their interest.  This fee will allow us to gage the participant engagement level and will allow us to expand the site and its contents.

Thank you,

Tom "The Tominator" Moore