Welcome to MyPhotoLesson.com

How  MyPhotoLesson.com came to be?

Tom and Debby MooreWell it starts with me, Thomas Christopher Moore, Tom Moore to my friends, The "Tomonator" to my students. I have been a professional photographer since I graduated from Art Center College of Design, in Pasadena Ca. in 1983. Along the way, in addition to owning and running both a commercial and a consumer studio, in 1994 I started doing lectures on photography. I even received a Masters Degree in education a few years back to make the educator hat I wear more official.

In an effort to aid my students, and remind them of my photographic demonstrations, I made a few (initially less than professional) videos and posted them on “YouTube”. In that time I have had maybe 150 students, but I my videos have had over 200,000 views. That meant in addition to my students, quite a few others in search for photographic information were joining in.

What concerned me was that the videos were just a 5-minute snippet of my 4-hour lectures. My videos, in terms of content, were just the tip of the iceberg; MyPhotoLesson.com is my effort to reveal the rest of the iceberg.